Manfrotto 498RC2 Midi ball head w/RC2

219,00 KM

Manfrotto MIDI BALL HEAD W/ RC2 498RC2 kuglasta glava za stativ Ball-head NORD – photo


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The Manfrotto 498RC2 Compact Ball Head with RC2 Quick Release and 200PL-14 QR Plate is constructed of die-cast aluminum, strong enough to support an SLR camera with a medium lens, and light medium format cameras. It has a single repositionable locking lever for 360° panoramic rotation and ±90° tilt movements, plus a friction control for precise positioning. Cameras are attached to the ball head with the 200PL-14 Plate and RC2 Quick Release with 1/4” male threads. The head to tripod attachment has 3/8” female threads. Additionally, the Quick Release has a safety system to prevent an accidental detaching from the head.