Manfrotto MP1-C01 POCKET support small (black)

47,00 KM

Manfrotto POCKET SUPPORT SMALL BLACK MP1-C01 The smaller MP1 Pocket is designed to support thin compact point-and-shoot cameras and small camcorders weighing up to 600g (1.3lb) on any horizontal or near-horizontal surface. The 8.1cm (3.2”) long plate is narrow and low-profile, so it barely protrudes from the camera body, while the long groove allows Pocket’s 3/8” screw to be aligned with the tripod mount on the underside of the camera no matter where it’s located along the camera body. A special tool is provided to tighten and loosen the screw. The tool can remain attached to Pocket, or be stored on your key-ring.


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Made from metal for durability and strength, with three rubber-coated non-slip feet that can be angled independently to level or tilt the camera on any surface with no risk of damage. Available in black (MP1-C01)